Applying quantitative investment strategies in the digital asseteconomy with an emphasis on risk management

BaseTwo is an algorithmically traded, institutional grade investment vehicle for digital assets.

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BaseTwo is an algorithmically traded, institutional grade investment vehicle for assets.

Technology Stack

An institutional grade technology infrastructure

BaseTwo has developed an institutional grade technology infrastructure to deliver trade execution and proven algorithmic managed account services to our clients.

Our platform connects to high performance servers located in major financial data centers running software that trades over USD $2bn per month in global foreign exchange markets with top tier banks.

Connect to 15 exchanges and all available currency pairs.

View order books and execute against aggregated best bid/asks

Deploy multiple trading strategies and customize trading parameters

Create customized baskets of assets and algorithmically rebalance portfolios

View trade history and reporting

Tokenize assets of any kind, including digital assets, securities, FX and more

Our Strategies

For active traders: individual traders, crypto funds, quant funds

At BaseTwo, we have a number of strategies at our disposal that allows us to generate returns in various market conditions and our overall portfolio mix can be tweaked to take advantage of that.

Digital Alpha

BaseTwo Digital Alpha is a completely systematic absolute return strategy that uses futures contracts taking long and short exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Smart Index

Our long only strategy uses a modified version of Markowitz's Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) in which the maximum drawdown of the portfolio is controlled as an objective function.

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BaseTwo Venture leverages our vast experience, knowledge and fundamental analysis in the crypto industry to identify opportunities that can yield exceptional returns.

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Portfolio Mix

Portfolio weightings can be tweaked to take advantage of current and predicted market conditions.


Maintaining liquid asset portfolios allows BaseTwo to realize LP returns at short notice and respond to market shocks quickly.


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